Time Favors the Small

from Perfect is the Enemy by Akrasia



time favors the small

back in the days
the days of dial up internet
sit by the minute
pay by the hour
watching and waiting
queueing and loading
on this wild ride
through superhighway town

tilt, baby, tilt, baby
drop, catch, pass
boatload of goats won't mow your grass
silly of me to fall in love with the game
every 5X playfield ends in a drain
roll call: controlled opposition
hit you with a different proposition
akrasia rocking the palladium
smoking like leyland at three rivers stadium

going boldly where many have been
give the odds to the gods and go all in
sinner of omission, commissioner banned
gumdrop passed out in the candyland
crunching algorithms like pistachios
pangeas, archipelagos
natural wonder- +4 faith
more culture than yogurt
seedier than grapes

setting the credit, vetting the fault
furious courier raiding in your vault
raiding your pantry, raiding spray
raiden back back front... ....
copasetic gentleman aesthetic
sugar so sweet ima wreck ya diabetic
richer than richie, lawdy lawlor
see me coming all the good girls holla
'oooh, you're so fine, i wanna have your baby'
and i say
smack it back, grab it with authority
no one agrees like the vast majority

i've knowed you since the summer
and now the pools are closed
schools are open

rented relief
respite from rote, lame bitterness
concrete and pennants
couches made of cows
sanguine peach
you got it til you lose it
on this wild ride
through superhighway town

savor the win
the points not uncontested
roll for charisma
tap it like land
nudging and bumping
reeling and rocking
on this wild ride
through superhighway town

que latisma!


from Perfect is the Enemy, released August 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Akrasia Pittsburgh

Slacker rock legends *Akrasia* are a righteous collective of jagalopes and merrymakers.


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