maybe i'll wake up next to you
maybe i'll wake up and you're right there
five in the morning is too early to wake up
drink some water, pet some cats, go back to bed
next to you

the worst part of my day
is when i wake up
and i gotta go to work
and you can stay in bed
but i can't
gotta find a flashlight, gotta get a shower

gotta catch the bus, gotta go downtown
gotta get some sausage biscuit sandwiches for breakfast
gotta do some work, drink coffee, do work, drink coffee, do work
read some blogs, drink some green tea, eat some goldfish crackers
eat some more goldfish crackers

and when i get to leave
i take the first bus out of town that takes me home
where you is
and you're cookin’ dinner
mah favorite dinner
noodles, sauce, and meat

and we break out the big red pillow
break open some big red wine
and my time with you
that's my favorite time
that's my favorite time

and then we fall asleep and i have some crazy dreams
but i don't remember them in the morning
and there's a cat sleeping on my head, and a cat drinking all my water
cause they know a good place
is a good place

maybe i'll wake up next to you
maybe i'll wake up and you're right there
and 'll go back to bed
maybe i'll go back to bed
go back to bed
next to you

(i'd like that very much)


from People In Hell Want Ice Water, released November 17, 2011


all rights reserved



Akrasia Pittsburgh

Slacker rock legends *Akrasia* are a righteous collective of jagalopes and merrymakers.


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